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Let the Curriculum Build | Ecology of EducationEcology of Education

Let the Curriculum Build

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Love this. Not just because it is catchy & filmed really well. (Shot in one take!) And not just because Nyle’s got some sweet skills.  I love this as a metaphor for curriculum building.

Check the song:

Nyle “Let The Beat Build” from Nyle on Vimeo.

When teaching, we start somewhere, somewhere small and simple. Then build. We increase the complexity and layers until the learning environment is rich with depth.  When possible, we construct curriculum around a central idea or concept, or beat. From there we seek to connect diverse perspectives and insights to complement the heart of the lesson.

Here Nyle pulls this off with sophisticated verve. He takes the red thread of the beat and builds on it with a range of instruments (banjo even!). We would do well to take some notes and apply it to our teaching. As the best teachers know, there is a way for every student to contribute something meaningful.

Let the curriculum build.

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Author:Jason Flom

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