About Eco of Ed
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About Eco of Ed

Thank you for visiting.

I started Ecology of Education as a multi-author blog dedicated to:

  • Exploring education issues;
  • Giving educators, administrators, authors, policy makers, or anyone connected to education a voice, thereby granting us all a chance to learn about or see an issue from new perspectives;
  • Enriching the dialogue and debate about education;
  • Creating a hub of ideas, trends, and opinions;
  • Providing a forum for people to connect to and investigate new avenues;
  • Increasing traffic to author’s blogs, url’s, schools, organizations, or projects that they deem important.
  • Building partnerships and collaborative relationships between dedicated and passionate professionals.

My hope is that the site will:

  • Represent a wide range of voices and perspectives;
  • Generate engaging dialogues;
  • Become a place where people visit to find new directions;
  • And, in my blue sky daydream, includes enough international and professional voices that it helps to shape trends/directions in education.
  • Attracts someone who can help me take technical advantage of WordPress’s versatility.

Right now I am:

  • Looking for more contributors from various fields and organizations — (such as Outward Bound, professors, architects, Teach for America, ed tech folks, etc);
  • Very interested in writers who would be willing to copy/paste articles from their own blog and post on Eco of Ed to help get it started;
  • Getting approx. 100-200 hits a day (or at least I was before my recent switch to a new site and new RSS);
  • Exploring the idea of creating a Ecology of Education Flickr group that updates on the page, providing another angle for looking at learning;
  • Hoping to find a few other people willing/interested in becoming editors/networkers to help find and attract new authors/contributors;

Any advice/ideas/suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated. I know enough to know I don’t know much, and am eager to receive feedback and ideas to increase the effectiveness of this effort. Oh, and its free. I am covering all the costs at this time. In the future I may seek grants, advertisers, or generous benefactors. But I am not doing this for money (much like my teaching career!).

If you know of anyone who might be interested in contributing material please encourage them to visit the site and/or contact me: jason dot flom at ecologyofeducation dot net


Jason Flom, Founder

Ecology of Education