AIG reminds me of our blessings
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AIG reminds me of our blessings

AIG reminds me of our blessings

Admist all the turbulence and outrage at AIG executives for the acceptance of large bonuses funded by taxpayer dollars, I am reminded of what an extraordinary country we live in. That the public can rage out loud, that our media organizations are free to report and free to editorialize, and that our government answers to the people first and foremost, for these things I feel blessed.

In many countries around the world, these actions would never become public knowledge. If they were brought to light, citizens could be jailed, tortured, or put to death for speaking out against their government. We are a fortunate people to live in a society that even though fallible, believes in the inherent freedoms and opportunities afforded to all people.

Perhaps I’m feeling a little “glass half full” this morning, but I’m happy to have the freedom to even blog these words.

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