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Good News: Employers Are Warming Up to Online Degrees

It’s pretty much standard that every job hunter should have some kind of college degree. You’ve probably seen job listings that require a specific level of education, probably at least a bachelor’s degree for any kind of specialized work, as well as a certain amount of experience even to be considered for the job. On […]

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The Improving Landscape of Online Universities

Among the millions of pieces of spam e-mail that clutter our inboxes, there are always some from online universities. They promise the degree of our dreams for a fraction of the cost of brick-and-mortar schools, and often in half the time. Thus, the stock of online universities – both the legitimate ones and the fraudulent […]

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A Look at the College Admissions Gap Among Foster Kids

It is little or no surprise that foster kids have a harder go at becoming ingratiated into society than kids living with both biological parents.  Some of the difficulties involved stem from the inherent uncertainty as to the child’s place.  Do I belong here?  Why can’t my “real” parents take care of me?  Is there […]

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What Schools Are Best for Learning Animation?

Students looking for a high-quality college education in an animation field may be frustrated by an online search where many results merely list referral links to programs hosted online. While there’s nothing wrong a non-traditional education, limiting the lists to Internet programs doesn’t give an honest depiction of what degrees employers are looking for. Here […]

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The Evolution of Orthopedic Technology

The medical field is always changing and growing– trying to perfect treatments and create the best experience for patients. Today, there are simple procedures for conditions which could have been the end of someone years before. Like other focuses in medicine, orthopedics has changed a great deal over the years and has become an area […]

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Marketing Techniques for the 21 Century

If you’re thinking about marketing a new software product in a way that takes advantage of the latest tools and techniques, including social media, the choice of a service provider is one of your biggest decisions.  This one is too important to make and random or leave to chance. The starting point for thinking about […]

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Top 5 Dirty Jobs That Pay Well

It is a dirty job but somebody’s got to do it.  According to a recent report on, the people who do some of the dirtiest jobs in the country actually collect a nice pay check to do the dirtiest work. They provided a list of the top dirty jobs that collect a median salary […]

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What Are Biological Blood Products?

Everyone is familiar to some degree with blood, the liquid in our bodies that carries oxygen, removes waste, and is an important part of our immune system. It is collected by blood collection centers, in mobile blood collection facilities in the parking lot of churches and malls. Blood is everywhere: In vampire movies, featured in […]

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Top 5 Free Educational Games

In today’s computer oriented world, games can be educational and fun.  Educational games and educational game sites abound on the internet today.  Most of those sites are promoting games that make learning fun.  We took the top 10 free adult/young adult educational games to several Seattle retirement homes and asked the residents what they thought. […]

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What do the Budget Cuts Across America Mean for Your Kids?

With well over 60% of Americans supporting spending cuts at a federal level and budget cuts becoming one of the key issues in the Presidential election, it stands to reason that fiscal responsibility will be a top priority, regardless of who is elected in November.  If Obama wins, there will be massive pressure from the […]

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Finding An Online School: The University Level Social Media Revolution

Social media has already revolutionized the college campus. Social media is far more than a slick website, to aid students in finding an online school, it includes all of the various forms of connection made possible by the internet, often with a heavy dose of user created material. Today, social media has grown so important, […]

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Good Graphic Design Programs Help Students to Avoid Advertising Fails

Studying to create visual messages is the crux of every graphic design program. When looking at different graphic design programs for your degree, look for high-quality teachers who are on the cutting edge in the field. Also, look for students who generate a lot of creative ideas (and who are encouraged by faculty to generate […]

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