Childhood Poverty: Shame of the Nation
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Childhood Poverty: Shame of the Nation

Childhood Poverty: Shame of the Nation

I just attended a brief webinar with the Carsey Institute on their recent brief that identifies patterns in childhood poverty using data from the U.S. Census American Community Survey.

The brief is sobering to say the least. In short, despite the recession being “over,” poverty rates among children continue to rise, most dramatically in urban areas, among the unemployed (those actively looking for work), and in families of color.

That this information is not front and center in our current presidential campaign is shocking, horrifying, and saddening. When nearly 1/4 of our children are living below the poverty line, we have a moral obligation to act, even if they are, by definition a part of the 47%. The closest we come to talking about it, and I mean REALLY talking about it, is to insist teachers improve all students’ “achievement.”

Below are some screen shots of graphs they displayed during the webinar (you can click on each to expand them). Carsey Institute will post a PDF of the webinar next week on their website. In the meantime, you can follow Carsey Institute on twitter.

Graphs: Carsey Institute (Screen shots from webinar) 
Image: Smashing Magazine




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