Cornucopia of Primary Sources Links: The National Archives
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Cornucopia of Primary Sources Links: The National Archives

Cornucopia of Primary Sources Links: The National Archives

In a fantastic session at NCSS Annual Conference, a couple of education specialists from the National Archives and Records Administration presented a small sampling of the incredible wealth of primary source materials available for free.  From Nixon’s resignation letter to Regan’s landmark Berlin speech (his speaking copy!), they employed resources that can bring history alive for students of all ages.

Below are a host of links provided during the presentation.

National Archives Sites:

Digital Vaults: A rich and varied arm of the National Archives Education wing.  (Mixed metaphor, just to keep you on your toes.) Lots to explore and personalize!

Pathways Challenges: Engaging mysteries at several levels of difficulty for exploring resources related to a specific theme.

Create Your Own Pathways Challenge: You can create posters, movies, and other media to engage your students in primary sources around a theme of your creation.

National Archives Education Team’s Delicious Account: Hundreds of links to primary source documents, ideas for teaching with documents, and information about education programs at the National Archives.

National Archives Education Team’s Delicious Account for National History Day: Numerous links to primary sources pertaining to National History Day.

National Archives Education Team’s Delicious Account Primary Sources: Their links to primary sources.

Archival Research Catalogue (ARC): This link will take you to the site for finding resources relevant your course of study or instruction. Deep, rich resources avaialble, as well as a student/teacher page.

US National Archives Flickr Account: Images that bring the history to life. A picture is worth a thousand words, afterall.

National Archives Videoconferences: Bring a professional into your classroom or to fauculty professional development! An opportunity only available thanks to the advent of the internet.

Collaborate with National Archives: Help them help you.

Coming Attractions: Docs Teach (still in development, but will be incredible I think!)

  • Teachers pick the documents and primary sources they want to use
  • Then, they assemble the materials on site to create multi-media lessons
  • Use with students (blow their minds)
  • Preserve for future use
  • Or,
  • Find lessons assembled by other teachers
  • Create variation to meet specific needs

For more information contact Dave Rosenbaum, Education Specialist (david dot rosenbaum at nara dot gov)

Image: Screen Shot from Digital Vaults

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