Diversity in Action
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Diversity in Action

Diversity in Action

On Thursday September 4, the fourth graders from Cornerstone Learning Community began their yearlong “Diversity in Action” study with a service trip to volunteer in the butterfly garden at Birdsong Nature Center. Students combined garden work with learning under the guidance of their teacher, Jason Flom, and Danna Legare, owner of Native Nursery. On a hike later that morning, students contrasted the managed diversity of a garden environment with that of a mature forest.

The monthly trip will continue to highlight the importance of biodiversity for cultivating healthy habitats in both small and large environments.   Later in the year, students will plant over 1,000 longleaf pine trees as part of the restoration aspect of the program.   While service is a major aspect of the unit, the diversity investigation extends far beyond simple gardening or tree planting to include democracy, cartography, Florida history, industry, international relations, ecology, and scientific inquiry.   In addition, the nature of the activities requires that students take advantage of the differences between them to solve problems, think critically, and apply learned skills to novel experiences.

For more information about the “Diversity in Action” program you can contact Jason Flom at Cornerstone Learning Community (jflom@cornerstonelc.com).

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