Formula for Changing Math Education
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Formula for Changing Math Education

Formula for Changing Math Education

In this short video from TED Talks, mathematician Arthur Benjamin offers up his idea of what he would do if appointed Math Czar of Education. While some math purists may take (and some have taken) offense to his suggestion that calculus would not remain the peak of all math education, I think embedded in his talk are important questions fundamental to how we look at math and learning.

What math skills are most useful? What math is most practical? How might we make math more engaging, sexy, and relevant to students?

These questions do not, by themselves, create a mutually exclusive relationship between calculus and statistics and/or probability. I think it does however, force us to take a second look at how we create and present a math curriculum that engages learners and applies math to the real world students (and adults) live in.

(Thanks @kdwashburn)


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