Games in the Classroom

Gamification in Education

One of the new, at least newer, aspects of education is Gamification. This is basically the use of games to teach, review, and intervention for the students. With the constant, exponential expansion of online and blended learning it was only a matter of time that computer and video games infiltrated the classroom experience.

However, there is nothing really new about this. The only major mitigating change is the medium which these games are presented in. John Hunter, whose decades in the classroom have exemplified the need and necessity of gamification in education. His internationally known and used “Peace Game” not only is a key component in numerous classrooms around the world, but also important enough to have garner Hunter the opportunity to share this experience in a TED Talk.

You can enjoy the video at this URL:

Also, a documentary and book exploring Hunter’s experience with gamification in education has circulated. However, Hunter is too often overlooked in the buzz about gamification in education. This is primarily due to the fact that Hunter’s game is a board game, not an electronic game. However, this does not remove any of the efficacy or energy which Hunter’s game engages students with throughout the world.

Yet, bringing the creativity and perspective of board game design to the electronic medium, which numerous game designers do is crucial to making educational gamification successful.

Implementing games in the classroom, regardless of forum, is crucial to successfully engaging students. Give it a try. Whether it’s modifying Solitaire for the Periodic Table, Risk for the American Revolution, the Civil War, and the Napoleonic Wars, or using games such as Max Payne or Halo to discuss crime and punishment as well as first contact, it all works.

Good luck and GAME ON!

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