Honey, I Shrunk the Attendees
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Honey, I Shrunk the Attendees

Honey, I Shrunk the Attendees

The sprawling convention center, with its vast ceilings and long, imperial halls, hints at the grandness of this conference.

At first glance, the conference attendees seem both daunted and entranced by the size and scope, not just of the space, but of the conference ambition.  With hundreds of options for professional development, ASCD continues to put itself on the front end of innovation, pushing the boundaries of technology, education trends, and the physical seams of this center.

Attendees bound off the streaming line of busses giddy, talkative, and all at once in awe.  The wide eyes are soon replaced by furrowed brows as they attempt to make sense of the maze of options, to comprehend a breadth that beguiles any one of us. Because, like a mountain landscape, no one person can experience it all or take it all in.  It is just too sweeping.

And perhaps that is the point.  There truly is something for everyone, no matter their connection to education.  Few people will walk away from the conference with the same confused look.  By the end, I predict most will leave (at least those that are not forever lost to the corridors) with expanded notions of what is possible in classrooms, front offices, and school board rooms around the world.

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