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Making Mobile Meaningful -- A Starting Point | Ecology of Education

Making Mobile Meaningful — A Starting Point

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Hall Davidson, Director of Discovery Education Network, had a session at ASCD’s 2012 Annual Conference this morning on “Making Mobile Meaningful.” You can connect with his slides here.

Here are a few of the resources he shared for utilizing mobile devices students in and out of the classrooms:

Poll Everywhere: Students can text in answers to survey questions and graphs the results. (Eliminates the need for clickers.)

Word Lens: A mobile device’s camera is used to translate a text into another language.

iSeismograph: Turn your iPhone into seismograph.

Leafsnap: A great use of “the cloud” to create a plant identification guide. Limited for now, but great potential for future growth.

Google Translate: Use your phone to translate from one spoken language to another.

QR Code Generator: Generate QR codes that can engage students in new and creative ways.

QR Voice: Type in a sentence and then decide which language you want it translated to. The generated QR code will link to the translated sentence being spoken.

More resources: Tom Barrett’s collaborative google doc is a good starting point.

Image: Mary Beth Hertz from ISTEmarcom Flickr

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