Representative Rouson’s Remarks on SB6
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Representative Rouson’s Remarks on SB6

Representative Rouson’s Remarks on SB6

There were a number of very articulate speeches on the floor of the Florida House of Representatives in last night’s 9 hour debate on controversial Senate Bill 6.

Below are Representative Rouson’s (D, Distric 55) comments — full of topography, imagry, and embedded truths.


I have a lot to say and very little time. And I did not want to beat a dead horse. But It is very clear that I must give all I have for those that I represent because that is why I was elected. District 55 must be counted.

My colleagues have said all the specifics.

But I want to thank my constituents and friends, teachers and administrators, all of those like, Ms. Range, Ms. Givens and Hodges at Belle Witter Elem, and Ms. Cooper who was in first grade with me and graduated from high school with me, and later in life went back to teaching, and all those who took the time to write me. I heard you.

Momma, I thank you for sacrificing 30+  years of your life to teaching and I am so glad you retired long ago….to Ms. Ann Burney, my second grade teacher whom I admire to this day….I am sorry. But I am glad you are retired.

Now members forgive me for not being more erudite, more excellent in linguistic explanatory expressions of critical educational insults, I mean insights, of Senate Bill 6.

Forgive me for not being more pontifical in my philosophical prognostication that this portends failure, I mean future success.

I learned from you, Momma, that if the shoe fits, take it off.

What that means to me is if in any way we have become complacent, lackadaisical or indifferent in teaching our children,  then we must do differently because it is about the best interest of the children…..if we are failing them then we must do different.  Bad teachers must go.

Everyone admits that we must do more for our children because in some respects we are failing them. In some respects they are not achieving the way they should so we must take the shoe off and challenge ourselves to walk differently…..

but I submit that we must listen and include experts, the professional educators and teachers as we walk.

Instead this bill shoves down their throat prescription without participation;

A remedy without remediation and a solution without adequately processing for inclusion substantive suggestions.

We should heed the protests soberly.

Secondly, my momma said, “Son, if it smells baby, it just smells.” She said, “Trust your gut.” I don’t need all of those who wrote me and called me to tell me this legislation smells.

Members, with all due respect. Can’t you see how many people, professional people are truly holding their noses over this legislation??

Lastly, somewhere I read that a good teacher is like a candle, it consumes itself to light the way for others.

If that be true then why shouldn’t I be feeling like this bill is lighting the way for us?

Instead I lay my head at night restless feeling the great pall and shadow of uncertain implementation and greater uncertain affect.

In criminal jury trials we tell the jury as they begin deliberations that their verdict must be based on an abiding sense of guilt. Abiding sense, not fleeting or swinging sense but a deep and firm conviction.

Why does not this legislation give more people an abiding sense of correctness?

In fact the seal of the supreme court official motto is the latin phrase “sat cito si recte” which means “soon enough if done rightly.” And it indicates the importance of taking the time necessary to reach the correct result.

You can follow Representative Darryl Rouson on twitter at @darrylrouson.

Image: Tampa Bay Blogs

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