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Occupy Wall Street: The Education Edition (Part 1)

I am very happy to say that I spent my weekend occupying Wall Street.  During this time, I had the amazing opportunity to speak with people who  are not only angry, but hopeful. They are individuals who protest our  country’s economic policies not out of hatred, but out of love for our  country. They see […]

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Education Reformers: Four Key Questions

Questions being ignored or inadequately addressed by the current business and industry-driven education reform effort: 1. Market forces in general, and merit pay in particular, are being promoted by leaders of business and industry as keys to improved school performance. In highly effective schools and school systems, educators see themselves as members of a team […]

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Creative Intelligence: Genius Redefined

Sir Ken Robinson spent a considerable amount of time at Monday’s ASCD’s Annual Conference General Session talking about Elvis (did anyone else realize The King wasn’t allowed in Glee Club?!), but his vision for the future was, by no means, lost in the past. With the deftness of an experienced presenter confident with his subject […]

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50 Questions About Technology in Education

Found this post on a wikispace managed by Kevin W. Riley (whose blog, El Milagro Weblog, explains the context).  The teachers ask compelling questions, questions that illuminate the thoughts, feelings, and musings of many educators when they think about technology and 21st Century Education. These are precisely the sort of questions, generated by teachers, that can help […]

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20th Century Thoughts on the 21st Century

Just came across this article by Arthur J. Lewis (published in Education Leadership in 1983) on the ASCD Inservice Blog and thought it was rather insightful.  Worth looking at.

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American Education: National Shame?

I think that Nicholas Kristof makes a number of sound points in his February 15, 2009 op-ed in the NYTimes. However, I’m not sure our failures to adapt our education system to the changing dynamics of the globe amount to it being our “Greatest National Shame”.  I do believe, though, that we stand to make the biggest […]

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