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On Being a Bold School

Over the past three years, I have been told a number of times that the work that we do at Maplewood Richmond Heights Middle School is innovative, outside the box, and exciting. Sometimes the word ‘bold’ even creeps into the equation. Certainly the experience-based learning environment is highly engaging and plays to students’ passions, but […]

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Four questions about education in Finland

Q: What is the purpose of public education? Public education guarantees every child good basic education and equal opportunities to further learning. Public education also equalizes the differences that income inequalities and other socioeconomic characteristics create to different learners. In brief, public education is basic human right and basic service to all children and their […]

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A New Model: Schools As Ecosystems

The following post is by  Mark Anderson and William Johnson, and was originally posted on Gotham Schools.  What makes a great teacher? To a lot of people, the answer seems simple enough: a great teacher is one whose students achieve. For the most part these days, student success is measured with test scores. Logically then, a great teacher is […]

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Education Reform: 22 Problems, and a Proposal

The “standards and accountability” education reform effort begun in the 1980s at the urging of leaders of business and industry, is failing. The reform message, powerfully reinforced by mainstream media, is simple: 1. America’s schools are, at best, mediocre. 2. Teachers and students deserve most of the blame. 3. As a corrective, rigorous subject-matter standards […]

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Calling teachers to action beyond SB 6

My heart has been racing for educators over the last month. Even though I no longer take up residence in Florida, I literally experienced palpitations watching debate over Senate Bill 6 take place on the House floor. When considering the potential impact of what could result from passage of said legislation, my thoughts went immediately […]

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Teacher Accountability? It’s About Time!

Once upon a time teachers assigned grades, and that was pretty much that. Oh, occasionally a kid would argue that a particular grade was unfair, or complain so loudly that parents or an administrator would get involved, but that was relatively rare. About a generation ago, acceptance of teacher judgment about the quality of student […]

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One Way Accountability?

1.  Quality education should . . . A.    Fill a bucket. B.    Light a fire. C.    Prepare students for performing on multiple choice tests. D.    Provide leverage for political agendas. We live during an exciting period in American education. People are calling for quality schools. Parents imagine their children maintaining a sense of wonder and […]

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Next Administration

The ability of future generations to solve the network of complex global problems sure to confront them will depend on their capacity to think critically, communicate effectively, and look at systems (be they economic, political, or natural) in innovative and interrelated ways. Teaching students the skills they will need to survive and thrive in such […]

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