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Review of Bill Sterrett’s Book, “Insights into Action”

IF you listen to too much of the rhetoric about school reform these days, you may be led to believe that schooling is about achievement, first and foremost. However, for those on the ground floor, achievement is a byproduct of something more profound and simple — Learning. Life long learning. For most educators it is […]

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Advocacy 101: Born Screaming

In one of the sessions ASCD’s Leadership Initiative for Legislative Advocacy (LILA) DC conference earlier this week, Tina Dove, Legislative Advocate at ASCD, gave a crash course in advocacy. While her accompanying comments related specifically to education related content, the core content of her power point applies to advocacy work in any subject and at […]

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ASCD Annual Conference Media Registration

ASCD continues to maintain its leading edge approach to technology, media, and social networking by embracing the myriad means educators have for creating, cultivating, and corroborating through Professional Learning Networks. They are again walking the walk this year at their Annual Conference in San Antonio, TX, March 6-8, 2010, by inviting “education writers, bloggers, broadcast reporters, […]

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Reviewing Cathy Vatterott’s “Rethinking Homework”

We teachers don’t really like homework.  It’s not really that fun to plan.  Its not really that interesting to grade.  And, despite what many students may believe, it’s not really that pleasurable getting them to turn it in. So why do we give it, day after day after day, year after year? Why do we […]

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20th Century Thoughts on the 21st Century

Just came across this article by Arthur J. Lewis (published in Education Leadership in 1983) on the ASCD Inservice Blog and thought it was rather insightful.  Worth looking at.

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ASCD Learning Beyond Boundaries

This weekend I’ll be posting blogs from the ASCD Annual Conference in Orlando, FL. Just looking at the incredible array of sessions and presenters I find myself feeling like a kid in a candy shop, a climber in Yosemite, a Trekkie on the deck of the Starship Enterprise, or a dog in a fire hydrant factory. Anyone […]

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