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Critical Transformations: 15 Tools

Major seismic shifts can transform educators, and by proxy, instruction. However, more often than not, it’s just the opposite. Here are 15 implementable small steps that lead to transformation.

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Engaging Your Stakeholders with Podcasting

Educators feast on hope. We hope to make a difference. We hope students will become life-long learners. We hope it won’t take too long to grade that stack of assignments we’ve been neglecting all week. We hope the students bring us our favorite candy the day after Halloween. Mostly, though, we hope to find curricular […]

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Change Leadership: 9 Insights

In Michael Fullan’s session, Leadership for All, he looks closely at what practices lead to effective leadership in change. The main chunk of his talk looked at what he called, “Ready-Fire-Aim” dealing with 9 insights of  leadership. 1. Relationships first (too fast/too slow): The art of change is hitting that sweet spot — don’t come in so […]

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Learning in the Age of Globalization

Yong Zhao, like Daniel Pink, makes a compelling case for re-imagining our school system in the age of globalization. With our current overemphasis on knowledge transmission, we run the risk of sacrificing innovation, all in the pursuit of scores. Zhao provided a glance at some international education reforms that move toward what our policy seems […]

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Vision + Persistence = Critical Transformations

Critical Transformations, an apt theme against the backdrop of the River Walk in San Antonio. 80 years ago, the San Antonio River, coursed through the city, pulsing with the rhythms rivers are prone to — mainly intermittent flooding.  The 1924 flood proved especially devastating, taking over 50 lives. As the adage goes, “Necessity is the […]

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