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One Way Accountability?

1.  Quality education should . . . A.    Fill a bucket. B.    Light a fire. C.    Prepare students for performing on multiple choice tests. D.    Provide leverage for political agendas. We live during an exciting period in American education. People are calling for quality schools. Parents imagine their children maintaining a sense of wonder and […]

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Six Degrees of Integration: D.I.A.P.E.R. (It Contains Everything)

Let’s face it, as teachers and curriculum designers we sometimes find ourselves having to deal with a lot of you-know-what.  Containing the varying interests stinking up the place (including, but not limited to, administrators, parents, policy makers, our professional expectations of ourselves, and even students themselves) can be a challenge, at best.  At worst, it […]

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Defensible Differentiation Notes

A few notes from Carol Ann Thomlinson’s presentation on defensible differentiation. Flexible grouping: by Readiness, Interest, and Learning Profile by Group or Make up (student similarities, size, variance) by Teacher Choice, Student Choice, or at Random Thomlinson recommends creating Pre-Assigned “Standing” Groups (by color, by hours on a clock, etc.).  “Meet up with your _________ group.” […]

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12 Non-negotiables of Defensible Differentiated Instruction

What is differentiated instruction (DI) according to Carol Ann Tomlinson, professor of education at University of Virginia? “Differentiation is teaching with planned responsiveness to learner needs in order to ensure maximum growth of each learner in — and hopefully beyond — essential learning outcomes.” 12 Non-negotiables of Defensible DI: Teacher-kid connections An environment that is a […]

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Web 2 Point Whoa!

Sarah Martabano and Linda Brandon‘s presentation on using Web 2.0 to differentiate in the classroom had the potential to do one of three things for participants: Open the floodgate of excitement for the myriad options (go2web20.net). Open the floodgate of fear of the unfathomable options (go2web20.net). Paralyze with options (go2web20.net). For those already in the know about Web […]

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