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Reviewing Cathy Vatterott’s “Rethinking Homework”

We teachers don’t really like homework.  It’s not really that fun to plan.  Its not really that interesting to grade.  And, despite what many students may believe, it’s not really that pleasurable getting them to turn it in. So why do we give it, day after day after day, year after year? Why do we […]

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Quick! Put All Your Eggs in This Basket!

E. D. Hirsch can see the profound problems of our times, but his vision for how to solve them is firmly encased in the black and white world of Donna Reed.

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Diversity in Action

On Thursday September 4, the fourth graders from Cornerstone Learning Community began their yearlong “Diversity in Action” study with a service trip to volunteer in the butterfly garden at Birdsong Nature Center. Students combined garden work with learning under the guidance of their teacher, Jason Flom, and Danna Legare, owner of Native Nursery. On a […]

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