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goldfish jumping out of the water

On Being a Bold School

Over the past three years, I have been told a number of times that the work that we do at Maplewood Richmond Heights Middle School is innovative, outside the box, and exciting. Sometimes the word ‘bold’ even creeps into the equation. Certainly the experience-based learning environment is highly engaging and plays to students’ passions, but […]

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Are Charter Schools Really Innovative?

Peter Ruddy Wallace was the speaker of Florida’s House of Representatives years ago when charter-school legislation was adopted. He saw charters as incubators of innovation and experimentation. So did I. Indeed, not long thereafter, I accepted an invitation to serve on the board of governors of a new charter school serving a built-from-scratch new town in […]

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Calling teachers to action beyond SB 6

My heart has been racing for educators over the last month. Even though I no longer take up residence in Florida, I literally experienced palpitations watching debate over Senate Bill 6 take place on the House floor. When considering the potential impact of what could result from passage of said legislation, my thoughts went immediately […]

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Shift Happens. (Even in Schools?)

On a recent field trip, neither my students nor I was at threat of being eaten alive by a t-rex. Why, despite ruling Earth for nearly 80 million years (even longer than Wall Street barons), are Cretaceous period animals not regularly chowing on our gizzards?  Things change. Scientists have suspected this for some time.  In […]

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We Feel Fine, Really.

In this short clip from Sputnik, Jonathan Harris describes the workings of his website, We Feel Fine, which explores global human emotions in a unique and integrated (and English) format. As educators, we should take note. Part computer scientist, part anthropologist, part visual artist, and part storyteller — Jonathan represents the next generation of thinkers […]

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(Re) Emerging Trend: Disruptive Innovation

Let’s take a moment to flip through some snapshots from our Educational Landscape Photo Album: Here’s Achievement Gap on a culinary tour of Urban Areas, circa 2009.  Bigger than ever and looking healthy. Take a look at High Stakes Test — that trickster keeps giving our schools bunny ears. How cute! In this one the […]

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