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Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic. The Challenge of Motivation.

One of the most difficult tasks a teacher faces is motivating students to learn. While some students have a natural love of learning, others arrive at a class under protest and act as if they’re being tortured rather than taught. Teachers must find a way to motivate these challenging students. A teacher can tap into […]

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Intrinsic Motivation and Autonomy

Teachers and parents complain regularly that their students or children show a lack of initiative. They aren’t self-starters and seem to need more and more kicks-in-the-ass to get motivated. What we may not realize, is that we may to blame.

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Dan Pink on the Science of Motivation

Dan Pink, author of the popular Whole New Mind, offers insights into what research tells us about motivation, potential, and the value (or lack their of) of reward systems.  It is a great video that has obvious implications for educators, especially those who feel that the seeming infallibility (and immediate gratification) of a carrot-on-a-stick is […]

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