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Lawmakers to Teachers: Answer These 5 Questions!

I submitted 5 open-ended questions I thought lawmakers should ask teachers before crafting bills aimed at reforming education. The policymakers on the Education Policy Committee thought it was a great idea (especially after the stink teachers made about not being included in reform efforts in Florida).  However, in order to more easily quantify the responses, […]

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From Florida Teachers to Florida Legislators: Thanks!

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i-Gadgets, Accessories, & Apps We Might (Never) See

I keep waiting for Steve Job’s introduction of Apple’s iGadget line, supposedly already in prototype production.  According to rumors I’m making up and circulating, the iGadget line is intended to be a complete lifestyle suite of gadgets, accessories, and apps to improve our i-lives.   I secured this incomplete list of products from my imagination. iWipe: […]

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IG Cheney to Head All US Colleges of Education

Following his speeches (here and here) on the disappointing performance of our nation’s colleges of education, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan announced the appointment of Inquisitor General of Education Dick Cheney as Supreme Master of All Required Teaching, Instruction, and Evaluation (SMARTIE), effective immediately. As the nation’s SMARTIE, Cheney will oversee and direct all programs […]

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Inquisitor General Cheney’s Top 6 Enhanced Education Tactics

(Cheney as Inquisitor General of Education, Part 1 of this parody, here) New Inquisitor General of Education, Dick Cheney, just released a list of Enhanced Educational Tactics (EETs) to be used in schools across the country beginning this fall. In a shocking display of transparency, IG Cheney, revealed his 4 part attack plan for improving […]

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