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Smokey the Bear Says, “Fires Allowed Here”!

Want to give your students transformative learning experiences? You’ll need these: Engagement Content Relevance Students must be engaged and involved to the point of being vested in the outcomes of the experience. They must encounter content that deepens their knowledge base and provides them with the intellectual tools they need to be successful. And the […]

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Formula for Changing Math Education

In this short video from TED Talks, mathematician Arthur Benjamin offers up his idea of what he would do if appointed Math Czar of Education. While some math purists may take (and some have taken) offense to his suggestion that calculus would not remain the peak of all math education, I think embedded in his […]

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Assessment Overview: Beyond Standardized Testing

With the increased focus on standardized testing as the keystone and sole arbiter of student, teacher, school, and district accountability, discussions about practical and relevant assessment practices has become something of a fringe topic, at best. This video from Edutopia lays out not only the core concepts of meaningful assessment practices, it speaks to the […]

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Shift Happens — Globalization and Information Age

Powerful and relevant statistical comparisons for everyone (especially educators) that may help everyone (especially Americans) gain a global perspective on emerging trends.  Thanks to @chadratliff and @Aldridgeduff for sending it out across twitterville.

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Next Administration

The ability of future generations to solve the network of complex global problems sure to confront them will depend on their capacity to think critically, communicate effectively, and look at systems (be they economic, political, or natural) in innovative and interrelated ways. Teaching students the skills they will need to survive and thrive in such […]

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The Future’s At Cornerstone

I’ve had the pleasure of teaching at Cornerstone since the elementary school opened in 2001 and for the past four years I’ve served as the chair of the school’s board of trustees.   During that time I’ve come to the conclusion that Yogi Berra had a point when he said, “The future ain’t what it […]

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