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Using Twitter in Higher Education

  Politicians are increasingly using social media to engage with their constituents, and it has been said that President Obama skillfully used social media, particularly Twitter, to engage younger voters and win both of his presidential elections.  As such, it is important when teaching about policy to ensure that students know how to skillfully navigate […]

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Image Source: http://www.edweek.org/media/2010/06/11/dd_social.jpg

Finding An Online School: The University Level Social Media Revolution

Social media has already revolutionized the college campus. Social media is far more than a slick website, to aid students in finding an online school, it includes all of the various forms of connection made possible by the internet, often with a heavy dose of user created material. Today, social media has grown so important, […]

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Social Media Sparks School Policy Debate

Districts take different approaches to keep students safe and provide access to online learning tools.

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“Geeking Out” For Democracy (Part 1)

This article is cross-posted on Confessions of an Aca-Fan. On the eve of our conference at MIT on “Learning in a Participatory Culture,” Cable in the Classroom has joined forces with Project New Media Literacies to edit a special issue of Threshold which centers on the work we’ve been doing and the vision behind it. […]

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