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Rewriting Teacher Credentials

Coauthors: Gentzke, Scott; Kartheiser, Geo; Keith, Cara; Riddle, Wanda; Sonnier, Andrea; Stone, Adam; Tibbitt, Julie; Zimmerman, Heather; Yuknis, Christina Background: We are doctoral students and a professor at Gallaudet University learning together in a course called Education Policy and Politics. This class incorporates technology and social media using avenues such as Google Drive, Twitter (follow […]

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Pulling the 10 of Hearts

There was Mr. White in middle school. He taught a Social Studies class that had an extra spoonful of African and African American experiences and influences on the world. A lot of his talking points and teachings were in line with many of the events and ideologies that my own father talked about with us […]

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Reflecting on the Bammy Awards

The first annual Bammy Awards were held this past weekend in Washington DC to celebrate teachers and educators through recognition and acknowledgment. The black tie affair brought together the likes of Diane Ravitch, Linda Darling-Hammond, John Merrow and a host of teachers, bloggers, administrators, and assorted arm candies (as one husband referred to himself). With a red […]

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Disparate Impact Gone Awry: Civil Rights Law & the Demonizaton of the Teachers

One of the unexamined dimensions of the history of the School Reform Movement is the role that Civil Rights law played in shaping its guiding assumptions and strategies. I was reminded of this the other day when reading an unpublished manuscript by an Oklahoma City based teacher named John Thompson, who pointed out that civil […]

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How Bill Gates can be an education hero

A couple of days ago I watched and read the transcript of Fareed Zakaria’s CNN primetime special, “Restoring the American Dream: Fixing Education.” Zakaria talks to Bill Gates, whose five-billion-plus investment in schools has bought him a seat at the head table of education reformers. If I’d gotten any response from my previous attempts to correspond with […]

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On a road to nowhere

The popularity of international student assessments, especially the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), allows us to compare national education systems in ways that were not possible before. These comparisons are made by looking at the national averages of 15-year-old students’ standardised test scores in reading, mathematics and science. Many countries are increasingly obsessed by […]

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Occupy Wall Street: The Education Edition (Part 1)

I am very happy to say that I spent my weekend occupying Wall Street.  During this time, I had the amazing opportunity to speak with people who  are not only angry, but hopeful. They are individuals who protest our  country’s economic policies not out of hatred, but out of love for our  country. They see […]

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Disaster Schooling in Detroit

Since this article was written, the Michigan Education Association has begun to conduct strike authorization votes in every Michigan local. A statewide teacher strike in Michigan, where public employee strikes are illegal, would be an unprecedented action with enormous implications for both the labor movement and the movement to defend public education. Focusing on Detroit, […]

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How to Support Teachers

Below is an infographic illustrating what teachers feel is most important toward improving instruction. (Click on the image for a closer look.) Its data is telling to be sure. At a minimum it can serve to illustrate the gap between merit pay proponents and educators themselves. Perhaps we should look at this graph and wonder: […]

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Zombies Are Attacking! Ready the Children!

(This post was written in conjunction with The National Day of Blogging for Real Education Reform.) Scenario: Zombie invasion. Your mission: Survive. Do you: A. Arm yourself heavily & prepare to wallop hundreds, possibly thousands, of undead humanoids upside the head? B. Find a Cold War relic bomb shelter and hermetically seal yourself inside until […]

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My Inner Pollyanna’s Ed Reform Blue Sky

Even amid the heated debates & discourse, my inner Pollyanna still dream’s big. Here’s my blue sky, if I had my way: 1. United Teachers They become a force to be reckoned with. Politicians, news outlets, and policy makers take notice and make room at the table. They ask teachers questions like, “What can we […]

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Evaluating Teachers with VAM: Variable Ambiguous Mistake

Anyone who has read this blog before is probably aware of my position on the use value-added measurement for teacher evaluation.  I have argued many times here, and in Teacher Magazine, that politicians, self-styled education reformers, and members of the general public are ill-informed if they believe that we can use state tests to determine […]

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Lawmakers to Teachers: Answer These 5 Questions!

I submitted 5 open-ended questions I thought lawmakers should ask teachers before crafting bills aimed at reforming education. The policymakers on the Education Policy Committee thought it was a great idea (especially after the stink teachers made about not being included in reform efforts in Florida).  However, in order to more easily quantify the responses, […]

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Teacher Accountability? It’s About Time!

Once upon a time teachers assigned grades, and that was pretty much that. Oh, occasionally a kid would argue that a particular grade was unfair, or complain so loudly that parents or an administrator would get involved, but that was relatively rare. About a generation ago, acceptance of teacher judgment about the quality of student […]

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From Florida Teachers to Florida Legislators: Thanks!

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Representative Rouson’s Remarks on SB6

Everyone admits that we must do more for our children because in some respects we are failing them. In some respects they are not achieving the way they should so we must take the shoe off and challenge ourselves to walk differently….. but I submit that we must listen and include experts, the professional educators […]

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Teachers’ Voices Fall on Deaf Ears in #SB6 Debate

Legislative proponents of SB6 and HB7189 are listening to one main demographic: The Chamber of Commerce. The voices of teachers, parents, and administrators are falling on deaf ears. Why?

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Peyton Manning Can Call Audibles, Can You?

I’m not afraid to admit it. Standardization — it scares me. It’s the monster under the bed, lurking in the closet, rumbling around in the attic of my mind.  Its the haunting moans in the walls of the profession, a harbinger of doom. In fact at times, in states of sleep deprived overly-dramatic hyperbolization, it […]

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The Elements of Teaching

Science teachers stay up to date on the latest techniques and technology by going back to school.

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