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At the Intersection of Youth and the Future

Painting a picture that was both harrowing and hopeful, Van Jones titillated the gathering of educators on the final morning of ASCD’s 2013 Annual Conference with both the peril and promise of tomorrow. In short, despite the copious challenges we find ourselves in today, we can look to the generation currently in our schools to […]

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Effective Tech Leadership is Effective Leadership

Quality technological leadership is very much aligned with effective leadership. The keys to success depend on being mission driven, employing the empowerment of others, communicating effectively, and cultivating a shared vision and purpose. A nuanced approach to staying on course and being open to change and developments are certainly plusses. What then distinguishes technological leadership […]

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Has 1:1 Education Passed Its Tipping Point?

In his best-selling book, The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference, Malcolm Gladwell described how social change can occur dramatically and rapidly as it spreads contagiously from person to person – or, as we might say more than a decade after the book’s initial publication, as it “goes viral.”  As Gladwell […]

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Making Mobile Meaningful — A Starting Point

Hall Davidson, Director of Discovery Education Network, had a session at ASCD’s 2012 Annual Conference this morning on “Making Mobile Meaningful.” You can connect with his slides here. Here are a few of the resources he shared for utilizing mobile devices students in and out of the classrooms: Poll Everywhere: Students can text in answers […]

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Review of Bill Sterrett’s Book, “Insights into Action”

IF you listen to too much of the rhetoric about school reform these days, you may be led to believe that schooling is about achievement, first and foremost. However, for those on the ground floor, achievement is a byproduct of something more profound and simple — Learning. Life long learning. For most educators it is […]

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Four Challenges of Online Education

Universities everywhere are jumping on the distance learning bandwagon. Each year more and more courses are becoming available online. Even some high schools are beginning to offer online classes. On the surface, this sounds like a wonderful idea, but before pursuing an online degree, one must consider the limitations of the online format. 1. Major […]

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Teaching with a No-Technology Day

Technology is a dominating force in education, but twenty-five years ago, most classrooms didn’t even have a single computer, let alone a roomful. With today’s students the most plugged-in generation to ever walk the earth, the value of technology is often taken for granted. More than that, overexposure to technology can actually change how the […]

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Documenting the Digital Generation

The George Lucas Educational Foundation recently launched an exciting new website — Digital Generation — which offers a wealth of videos which will be relevant to anyone who wants to better understand the new media literacies, participatory culture, and young people’s online lives, themes which recur here with great frequency. I have been looking the […]

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Participatory Learning vs. De-schooling, De-skilling, and De-valuing

In another outstanding video from Edutopia’s Educator page of the Digital Generation Project, Henry Jenkins, participatory media guru and Director of MIT’s Comparative Media Studies Program discusses “this new media landscape” and its implications for learning, teaching, and integrating media literacy.  He challenges us as educators and participants in media to look beyond “natives vs. […]

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Digitally Diversifying Instruction

In a world where our students are increasingly surpassing our skills in understanding and utilizing technology, Vicki Davis, aka @CoolCatTeacher, has found a way to harness their enthusiasm and potential to help inform her teaching.  In this video from Edutopia’s Digital Generation Project, Vicki Davis connects her students to the world through a deft use […]

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Transformer: Is Technology an Autobot or a Decepticon?

Pop Quiz (Complete the following sentence with the answer you think is better than the others): Technology is Good. Bad. Indifferent. Transformative. All of the above. If you picked 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5, you’re right! Congratulations!  Nice work! By itself, technology is neither good or bad.  In fact, when sitting on a shelf […]

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10 Principles for the Future of Learning

I daydream the future of schooling will include a teacher like this. (It’s too late for me, I know, but I cross my fingers for the sake of my daughter.) Yoda aside, who better to daydream the future of learning with than the good folks at MIT?  With minds on the front edge of theory, […]

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We Feel Fine, Really.

In this short clip from Sputnik, Jonathan Harris describes the workings of his website, We Feel Fine, which explores global human emotions in a unique and integrated (and English) format. As educators, we should take note. Part computer scientist, part anthropologist, part visual artist, and part storyteller — Jonathan represents the next generation of thinkers […]

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Integrated Living. Separated Learning? (Part 2)

(You can read Part 1 here) In such an integrated world, where the reverberations of problems and solutions ripple far beyond their localized sources, we must learn to think in terms of systems (called systems thinking), to see beyond compartmentalized events, and work with others from diverse backgrounds and cultures toward common goals. That’s a […]

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Integrated Living. Separated Learning? (Part 1)

I marvel at my phone.  It surfs the internet, finds my e-mail, lets me twitter, takes calls, and gets along well with my computer.  It’s a calendar, a stopwatch, a newspaper, and a means of distracting my daughter when she needs distracting.  It’s the height of integration (for now).  So many systems amalgamated. So many […]

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Or Is It About the Technology

(This article is cross-posted on Keeping Kids First and Edurati Review) A few weeks ago, I published a series of my thoughts on 21st century learning and teaching in a post titled “It’s Not About the Technology.” For a tech integrator and enthusiast like me, it was almost uncomfortable to articulate these ideas independent of […]

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Open Letter to the Teacher Who Said “I Hate Technology.”

Dear Teacher who Said “I hate technology,” First of all, I want to thank you for your candor and your willingness to openly share your opinion regarding the use of tools for learning.  I am a firm believer that we should all have an open forum for expressing our opinions about our profession and the […]

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It’s Not About the Technology

Originally posted to the Edurati Review and Keeping Kids First: I am sitting here at my laptop, occasionally watching my Skype and Tweetdeck notifications in case I miss something from a family member or colleague, and I’m going to honestly tell you that learning in the 21st century is not about the technology. “Blasphemy!” my […]

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A simple yet effective look at technology tools available to the 21st century classroom educator.

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