Web 2.0 Resources for Younger Students
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Web 2.0 Resources for Younger Students

Web 2.0 Resources for Younger Students

Web 2.0 for younger students:

Glogster For younger kids use the “edu” version for elementary.  Use plain old dot com for standard teenage angst.

Weebly Free website design that students can use to do a bit o’ blogging.

Simply Box Cool tool for grabbing pieces of sites and compiling them.

Kerpoof Site for creating animated movies (among other things) using variety pre-set characters and environments.

YackPack Creates voice groups– can give instructions, tasks,

Mrs. Cassidy’s Classroom Blog Check out the students’ blogs on the right side of the site.

Class Blog Meister Site that can help you create create a site that your students can use as well (see Mrs. Cassidy’s above for example).

Skype free calls, video calls, and instant messaging all over the internet.

Voice Thread A way to share thoughts and ideas about whatever using, you guessed it, voice.

Web 2.0 Resources Gail Lovely’s lovely site with tons of links.  Will be up for one year (until March 2010).

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