You Matter: A Message, A Reminder, A Connector, A Mission
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You Matter: A Message, A Reminder, A Connector, A Mission

You Matter: A Message, A Reminder, A Connector, A Mission

We want to know that we matter. We want to know that we were heard and that what we had to say meant something.



This is more than simple, cheerful proclamation; it is a message that is at the heart and soul of our work as educators and more importantly our lives and the lives of our students.


This video represents in a small way a truth that has become more and more real to me: whether you are five or teaching Grade Five we all have a need to matter. This is not a nicety; it is a necessity; something as significant and essential to our survival as the need for food and shelter.Wanting to know you matter to someone is more than just a request for recognition; it is a desire and quest for significance. To matter means to be of consequence, of importance (but not self-importance;) significant, relevant, worthy of note and of crucial value. To feel appreciated and valued, marginalized, abandoned or ignored.

We don’t want to know we matter; we need to know.

The You Matter Movement was born out of the idea that something as simple as telling someone they matter not only satisfies and speaks to our individual need to be significant; it can make a difference in the world.

When we individually and collectively inspire others to remember who they really are, to educate them about the many ways that they matter, and empower them to make their greatest contributions to the world- we change their lives and the change the world.

Imagine what the world would be if….

  • Each of You sincerely believed YOU MATTER.
  • Parents told their children YOU MATTER.
  • Grandparents passed onto their grandchildren the spirit of YOU MATTER.
  • Children shared with family, friends and teachers YOU MATTER.
  • School Leaders and Teachers: communicated to staff and students YOU MATTER.
  • Businesses and Industry partner with us letting their customers and employees know YOU MATTER.
  • Someone we may not know…just simply needs to be reminded of and hear YOU MATTER.

Are you ready to change the world with me?

It starts with these two words: YOU MATTER

Share them openly, frequently, and intentionally with one another:

Collectively remind one another that – we make a difference. A big difference. The world would be a very different place – a lesser place – without us.

It is an opportunity and obligation to find ways to let others know they matter; especially our students.  And a responsibility to know we matter. Before we can convince anyone else that we matter we must first convince ourselves. And if we’re not going to remind ourselves – who will?


So I close with this YOU MATTER Manifesto written specifically for you; the educators and leaders who give their life to serving our youth.

I am here to tell you that your work is not going unnoticed.

  • I notice you.

  • I see all you do.

  • I value you.

  • I appreciate you.

  • I admire you.

  • I am honored to be learning from and working you.

You are essential in kids lives and to this mission. This manifesto is an acknowledgement of your significance and an official reminder that YOU MATTER.

With Love,

Angela Maiers


Image: On Hands

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